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The Gran Chaco range

Inspired by 4 countries

Cultivated and distilled in Paraguay, from a 100% organic sugar cane culture, and benefiting from the natural water flow, highly charged in essential minerals, which constitutes a crucial element for the final taste of our rums.

Paraguay means vast expanses of deep forests, rich from a variety of flora and fauna.

Our rum range is inspired by Gran Chaco, a region that harvests the largest portion of dry forest through Latin America, going through Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.

Gran Chaco Ron is the true expression of patience, wealth, and quality of our expertise.

With an innovative and refined design influenced by the symbols of ancient civilizations who lived in this area.

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Our 4 versions

4 flavors

The Gran Chaco Bolivia, the first spiced rum with notes of coca leaves and tobacco.

The Gran Chaco Paraguay, a real rum with orange notes.

The Gran Chaco Brasil, a rum with notes of cocoa and coffee beans.

The Gran Chaco Argentina, a rum with mate tea notes.



Cultivated and distilled in Paraguay from a 100% organic sugarcane culture, benefiting from the natural runoff of water, highly loaded with essential minerals, which is a crucial element for the final taste of the entire range of rum Grand Chaco.

These are aged in French oak barrels that have previously contributed to the maturation of whiskey and for our spiced rum we use oak barrels that have contained bourbon. Our rums are filtered according to the Lincoln process. A tropical distillation and a continental aging

Coca leaf and tobacco leaf

Bolivia is one of the largest producers of coca leaf and tobacco in the world. For our Gran Chaco Ron Bolivia version, we were inspired by these aromas for the composition of our rum. Bolivia has a rich history, particularly with the presence of the Tiwanaku site.
which inspired us for the design of our bottle. We wanted to represent the rites and Inca ceremonies, this evokes the "mystical" and refers to shamans who were revered at the time for their knowledge and preparations intoxicating. In the patterns we find the vases of rituals, the place of cult, ceremonial masks. The color purple is a symbol of spirituality and access to the divine. It is associated with the mystical and the religious.

Orange zest

Paraguay is a major orange producer and we were inspired by this iconic fruit to give these notes to our Gran Chaco version Paraguay. For the design of our bottle, we are inspired by the Guaraní natives who lived in eastern Paraguay. The west of Paraguay, the Gran Chaco, was inhabited by nomads of which the Guaycuru peoples were the most important.

Cocoa nibs and coffee bean

Brazil is known to be one of the largest producers of cocoa and coffee in the world. It was natural for our Gran Chaco Brazil version to associate these notes with our rum.
For Brazil we were inspired by wildlife. The animals included in the patterns are all emblematic of Brazil. The green color was chosen because it corresponds to the country but also to the natural habitat of the fauna.

Mate tea

Mate tea is the most consumed tea in Argentina, it was obvious to include this note in our Gran Chaco Ron Argentina version.
For this version, we went with the theme of nature and the landscapes. Argentina has varied landscapes.
We wanted to transcribe this in our bottle design as steps to go from the earth with the plants to the sky with the cycle of the sun and the moon. The colour blue was chosen because it symbolizes calm, but also the setting sun behind the mountain as well as the transition from day to night.

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