Gran Chaco
Gran Chaco

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Gold medal for Gran Chaco Ron Paraguay


The best of nature bottled

Discover the sunny universe of Gran Chaco Ron.
An exotic and extraordinary journey.

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Who we are

Gran Chaco family

At Yespirits Company, we are driven by a shared passion for quality liquor, which has encouraged us to create a range of rums with a unique taste. After several months of research and development, our company has found the perfect balance and created four versions of rum inspired by nature and the Grand Chaco. Our liquors are produced according to traditional methods, from the distillation, which takes place in Paraguay in a distillery/sugar factory , first cultivating organic sugar cane, until the aging of the rums in one of the oldest distilleries in Belgium, dating from 1836. Thus the rum benefits from the water of the Hautes Fagnes, one of the purest waters in Europe.

Our vision

Our philosophy

To satisfy our customers with innovative and quality products. We respect (our engagements) and act as responsible entrepreneurs, with the aim of developing a more efficient, stronger and more sustainable company for future generations. We are against the use of toxic chemicals and other unsustainable methods that today's food culture overly relies on. Instead, we support sustainable methods that reduce environmental degradation, maintain land productivity over time, and support the economic viability of operations.


Our processus

We work with an environmental protection cooperative located in the Asuncion region of Paraguay. Controlled by sugar cane growers, this group has evolved over the past ten years and now has 800 certified farmers. The cooperative fights to promote fair trade and will enable positive changes for the families and communities who cultivate sugar cane in Paraguay. In particular, members are committed to applying recognized standards for healthy sugar cane cultivation: without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and by absorbing the natural runoff water and its minerals. These processes, which we have adopted, ensure the preservation of our resources and have earned us the Certisys quality label. The recipe for the Gran Chaco Ron collection results from our love for quality spirits and our desire to create a completely new product. Inspired by the Lincoln process, the Gran Chaco Ron range is finally filtered with different organic-fair trade elements depending on the version of the rum. Fruits, herbs, beans and other carefully selected ingredients give our range all its specificity and its particular full-bodied character.

Since its creation, Gran Chaco Ron has never ceased to amaze professionals and amateurs.