Gran Chaco
Gran Chaco

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The best of nature bottled

Discover the sunny universe of Gran Chaco Ron.
An exotic and extraordinary journey.

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Who we are

Gran Chaco family

Driven by a common passion for quality spirits, Yespirits Company has created a range of rum with a unique taste. After several months of research and development, our company found the perfect balance and created 4 versions of nature-inspired rum. The latter are produced according to traditional methods, the distillation is done in Paraguay in a distillery / sugar refinery which cultivates organic sugar cane and aging in one of the oldest distilleries in Belgium dating from 1836, and benefits from High Fines water, known to be one of the purest in Europe.

Our vision

Our philosophy

Satisfy our customers with innovative and qualitative products.

Respect our obligation to develop a more efficient, stronger and more sustainable company for future generations, by respecting our commitments, by acting as a responsible entrepreneur.

The food culture is too dependent on the use of toxic chemicals and other unsustainable methods. We support sustainable methods that reduce environmental degradation, maintain land productivity over time, and support the economic viability of operations.


Our processus

We work with a cooperative located in the region of Asuncion. It is a sugar cane grower controlled environmental group that has grown to 800 certified farmers over the past 10 years.This group fights for fair trade which enables positive changes for the families and communities who cultivate sugar cane in Paraguay. Wholesome culture and enforced standards. No chemical fertilizer or pesticides.The sugar cane is cultivated organically, absorbing the natural water runoff, highly concentrated in essential minerals; which is crucial for the Gran Chaco final taste. This process ensures the preservation of our resources, and got us the Certisys quality label. The recipe for the Gran Chaco Ron collection results from our love for quality spirits and the need to create a completely new product. Inspired by the Lincoln process, the Gran Chaco Ron range is finally filtered on different organic-fair trade elements depending on the version of the rum: fruits, herbs, beans... Giving our range all its typicality and its particular roundness.

Since its creation, Gran Chaco Ron has never ceased to amaze professionals and amateurs.